I am humbled and grateful to so many wonderful people that have supported my journey to be able to share Greatful with the world. The beautiful @uncoveringflora and @denisemarie.photos for their contribution to my photo library and to @brianaottinger and @catebeth for other amazing photographic contributions. I also want to send a big hug and gratitude to @angislon for being an incredible model of our bracelets but also for being such a powerful Greatful advocate.

I am honoured that @Elena.smalls modelled some of my bracelets and was photographed by @ulfrik.

Thank you also @keisharice and @kirstie_pearce and @piperonista for their support.

My friends and family that have unwavering loved and supported me on this journey - you all know who you are. 

The power of women collaborating has truly surprised and inspired me. Together I believe we lift the vibrations of our gender and the planet for all to benefit.

thank you 

love and hugs


NB: all @references are instagram accounts