Worried about what life is going to look like for you in a few months time? 

Concerned that life if not going to be what you want it to be?

You have the opportunity now to focus on discovering what you really want in your life and creating a vision for who you will be after the pandemic.

👉 The world is RESETTING, so it's time NOW for you to follow her lead

Reset your life so you can have confidence in the 'after'

Discover my powerful 7 step process & pyramid to connect with your inner self and 

be confident in this time to be able to create your ideal life regardless of the chaos that might exist around you

Did you felt stuck in your life pre pandemic? 

Were you feeling a deep calling to do something or be someone different?

If you knew you wanted to change your life but weren't sure where to start, I've got you babe.

You now have the time to uncover that which you were really born for and create a path to live that dream life.

Being the boldest version of yourself can be SO easy. By working through the powerful PROCESS, you will learn my method to uncovering your talents, bliss and calling, plus learn how to let go of your limiting beliefs to create a powerful vision of who you really want to be after this uncertain time. 2020 can be actually be your best year yet. Take the opportunity to feel certain of yourself and your future NOW

Learn how to uncover your true gifts and values, trust yourself, and have the courage to step towards whatever your soul is calling.

Let yourself go on a journey of learning how to know what is your desire,  or souls calling; discover how to connect your intuition to what you want; and find the courage to step out of your comfort zone ready to face the unknown, with confidence

I will show you exactly how to set yourself up to banish self doubt. No matter what you might be afraid to do, you CAN DO IT and feel incredible doing it. I'll share with you my personal simple yet powerful 7 step process for uncover what you are really being called to do.




Use the time you have to step into your most powerful self 

Don't let uncertainty determine your future. You your inner self to guide you to create the life you really want to life

The Secret Formula inside the Learn To Leap Bootcamp

Through implementing the exact system I teach you in Learn To Leap Bootcamp, I have achieved career, relationship and financial success

The very same process system I will share with you, allowed me to:

i)  Land multiple 6+ figure jobs

ii)  Travel to the other side of the globe to meet a man sight unseen, who has been my life partner now for 20 years

iiI)  Leave 3 high powered jobs with nothing to go to and landed on my feet every time

iv)  Travel to 36 countries around the globe, many of them on my own and I always felt safe 

v)  Live in NZ, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Brazil and Japan 

vi) Do so many weird and wonderful things that others wished they had the courage to do ( I'll share a lot of these during the bootcamp)

Even when my desires felt unattainable or hard, they have always come through in some form or other

Learn to Leap Bootcamp is the place where I teach you the exact tools I employed and give you my special formula to be the courageous babe you've always been too scared to be. By the end of the five days you will be able to know what you want and whether it is aligned to your purpose and confidently go after it. You want it? It can be YOURS


How the Learn to Leap Bootcamp works:

Every single day, from February 24th - February 28th at 7PM EST, you will receive a live video from me in the exclusive Bootcamp community. Your trainings, homework assignments and product giveaway challenges will be emailed directly to you each day.


  •  5 COMPLETELY LIVE 30-45 minute trainings *all  recorded with lifetime access * ( $750 value)

  • Exclusive Courageous Alignment Meditation ( $99 value)

  • A private Facebook Community providing accountability & support from babes just like  you! ( totally priceless)

Achieving your desires doesn't have to feel far away or hard.

If you are feeling open to being courageous and step up to live your boldest, most beautiful life then it is time to stop procrastinating  and get on with living the life you were born to live. . The secret success strategies inside Learn to Leap will call in the confidence and courage you have been hungry for !