1. What are my shipping options?

All our jewellery is shipped from New Zealand and our clothing is via drop shipping out of the USA. So shipping costs are flat but charged according to location

All international orders from NZ are sent via NZ Courier Post. Most parcels are tracked but a few countries unfortunately don’t qualify for tracking via NZ post. We will do our best to make sure your purchase arrives safe and sound to you.

All clothing orders are send via courier and costs are per item. So each item added to cart with encounter a charge. We are passing on the costs were are charged directly from the supplier and not taking any profit on them. 

You'll find your shipping is calculated at checkout.

  1. What are the shipping times?

Orders from NZ are dispatched most day New Zealand time, except for NZ public holidays. Clothing orders are also despatched daily.

It generally takes a around a week to 10 days to get a parcel to most places in the world, however with Covid-19 there are delays on both our jewellery as there are less flights leaving NZ to the globe and also on our clothing from the US. 

If you've waited 3 plus weeks time and still haven't received your shipment, please get in touch with us. We'll do our best to either find your shipment or re-send it to you. 

Please make sure you reach out within the 40 day time period if you haven’t received anything at all.

Estimated delivery times by regions

New Zealand                                  1-3 working days

Australia                                          5-8 working days

Asia                                                 6-15 working days

South Pacific                                  6-15 working days

Europe/ UK                                    10-25 working days

United States of America               10-25 working days

Rest of the world                           10-25 working days