Sizing & Fit Info

Reminder cuffs and our clasp bangles do fit differently.

Your Cuff Bracelet

These can be adjusted for the ideal fit, and can be worn on different-sized wrists

To tighten, when your bracelet is on your wrist, gently but firmly squeeze either side until the desired size is met.

To widen, gently pull either side of the bracelet until it fits comfortably

Your Clasp Bangle

Bangles currently only come in one size and fit most wrists.

They open with a ‘hidden’ style clasp so they look like they are full bangles. They are also not round but more a ‘squished’ oval. This way they fit the natural shape of your wrist.

Some customers aren’t sure how to open them but they are simple once you know. Look for the opening point from inside the bangle and then push down one side and pull up the other. It will free itself from the clasp and open.

If you're still totally stuck, we recommend that you purchase a reminder cuff as they are fully adjustable.